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Our printing department equipped with 3 most modern Zimmer printing Machines, the last of which is installed in 2004. we are capable of printing 21 colors on fabric up to width of 3200 mm, and repeat sizes ranging from 641 mm to 1200 mm is the best available . The latest addition of a new Zimmer wide width flat bed panel printing system' Magnoprint Trend line" which can print repeats up to 3500 mm.
  • Burn out
  • Panel print
  • Glow in the dark
  • Pigment printing
  • Reactive printing

This machine coupled with our wax jet and convention Engraving , ensures that we can achieve the finest and the most sophisticated design on a wide range of fabric s. in our sampling department we have a new ink-jet printer in addition to sampling tables, allowing very rapid translation of designs from the original concepts' on to fabric .

We can offer a range of printing styles including pigment and reactive colour and'specialities, such as "Glow in the Dark" , panel prints" , "puff/foam print" and "burn-out .

Our brand new automatic colour kitchen range "thermo Elettronica" from Italy ensures excellent re-product ability from run to run and exceptional consistency with runs.